PulseChain is an Ethereum hard-fork with a snapshot of the entire Ethereum blockchain converted into a Proof-of-Stake blockchain with faster transaction times and lower fees.

Sacrifice events require users to sacrifice their stable coins with the goal of fostering a community owned platform on the Pulsechain network. Users’ sacrifices earn them points, at the end of a sacrifice, points can be redeemed for the tokens of the project.

Multipliers refer to the point accumulators surrounding sacrifice events. By complying with these multiplier requirements, you will be able to multiple your points, which it turn means you can use your points to redeemed even more tokens once the sacrifice event is over.

$WINS is the native cryptocurrency tokens of the Winners Network ecosystem.

Winners Network is using NFTs as a way to secure users loyalty cards, NFTs can be upgraded by staking or by paying with $WINS, upgraded NFT’s earn a higher payout for points claims or better prizes, loyalty bounties, rewards points, airdrops, and giveaways.



Go to your MetaMask browser extension, click networks and select add new network. You must now enter the relevant blockchain information, copy and pasting from the PulseChain website. Click save, and you have now set up PulseChain on MetaMask.

All you have to do to claim your Winners Network NFT is mint your loyalty card.

Stake your loyalty card to unlock new rewards levels that earn you more points and better prizes. NFT staking is used in combination with project bounties to earn additional points, tokens, bonuses, and multipliers.

Winners Network NFTs can be upgraded by staking or by paying with $WINS.